Why Your Solar Panels Don’t Produce Enough Energy

Mar 27th 2024

Why Your Solar Panels Don’t Produce Enough Energy

Have your monthly energy bills increased even though you have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system? It could be due to a fault with the panels not harvesting solar energy as they should. Below, we’ll explain the common reasons your solar panels don’t produce enough energy and what you can do to fix the issue.

Understanding Your Solar System’s Energy Output

First, owners must understand the energy output of their system before they know if it’s working as it should. Most solar installations now come with 24/7 system monitoring, which makes it easy to see how they’re functioning. If it seems like your energy bill is higher than in previous months, check your system and compare data from other similar months (don’t compare winter months to summer). Also, look for any noticeable dips in production. If there’s been a sharp drop in solar energy harvesting, there could be a problem.

Why Your Solar Panels Aren’t Producing As They Should

Here are some factors that could hinder your solar panels’ performance.

Bad Weather

Hopefully, the answer to why your solar panels don’t produce enough energy is simply bad weather. Sometimes we run into a bad stretch of luck and get a lot of cloudy days in one month, especially in the winter. If this sounds like the weather in your area recently, wait until you get more consistently sunny days to compare to. If the energy production is still low with ideal, sunny days, it could be another problem.

Dirtiness or Obstructions

Another common reason for the lack of solar system output is that the panels are dirty or obstructed by debris or shade. Ideally, you should clean your system’s panels every six months or so, as the buildup of dirt and debris can seriously hamper its energy output. If there’s a new tree or building or some other obstruction casting shadows on your panels, that’ll dampen their efficiency. This may necessitate you moving them to a different location away from the obstruction.

They Need Repairs

If the weather has been nice and sunny, and there’s no dirt or obstruction to the panels, but they’re still not producing, you may have a more serious problem requiring repairs. While solar PV systems are quite durable and require little maintenance, you should have them serviced about every two years. If it’s been longer than that, you should rectify that immediately. Something may also have struck the panels and damaged the system.

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