What To Expect From a Solar PV System Inspection

Nov 9th 2023

What To Expect From a Solar PV System Inspection

As the world moves toward sustainable energy solutions, businesses and residential homeowners have significantly increased the adoption of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. With solar panels becoming a popular renewable energy choice, maintaining their efficiency and reliability is crucial. This is where solar PV system inspections come into play. Below, we discuss what you can expect from a solar PV system inspection.


Before diving into the inspection itself, preparing your solar PV system for the inspection is essential. This includes gathering relevant documents, such as installation plans and manuals, and ensuring the system is safe and easily accessible for the inspector. Additionally, the pre-inspection phase involves checking for unusual noises, leaks, or visible defects that you should bring up to the inspector.

A crucial yet often overlooked aspect of solar PV system ownership is accurately labeling your system. Proper labeling is vital for the safety and efficiency of your solar PV system, as it ensures that people can carry out future maintenance, adjustments, or repairs without unnecessary risk. It also identifies dangerous areas of the system and safety measures like the rapid shutdown feature. Ensure your system’s labels and placards are durable, visible, and legible before your scheduled inspection.

PV Module Inspection

The PV module inspection focuses on assessing the condition and performance of the solar panels themselves. This step includes examining the panels for any signs of physical damage, such as cracked or chipped glass, and looking for missing or loose components. The inspector will also assess the cleanliness of the panels, as dirt and dust accumulation can compromise a solar panel’s efficiency. Furthermore, the inspector may use specialized equipment to measure the panel’s output and detect potential hotspots or performance issues.

Inverter and Electrical Component Inspection

Inspecting the inverter and other electrical components is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your solar PV system. This stage includes verifying the proper functioning of the inverter and checking all connections and wiring for any signs of corrosion, damage, or faulty installation. The inspector will also ensure all safety devices, such as surge protectors and fuses, are working correctly.

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