How PV Labels Aid First Responders and Firefighters

Dec 1st 2023

How PV Labels Aid First Responders and Firefighters

Business owners and homeowners with solar panels need to make their systems understandable for first responders in emergencies. We explain how PV labels aid first responders and firefighters and what the labels convey.

What Is a PV Label, and How Can It Help Firefighters?

A photovoltaic (PV) label marks and identifies solar-powered installations in buildings. These labels provide crucial information—voltage and amperage levels, the location of disconnect switches, and emergency contact details—to building owners, first responders, and firefighters. With this information readily available, first responders can deactivate solar energy systems, prevent electrical injuries, and save lives!

PV Labels and the NFPA: Making Buildings Safer for Responders

PV labels adhere to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, ensuring maximum safety for first responders. The NFPA set guidelines for the size, color, and placement of PV labels, making them identifiable for emergency personnel. Meeting NFPA standards proves your commitment to prioritizing the safety of occupants and first responders in emergencies.

Be aware of regulations regarding solar labels for your PV system from the local water and power municipalities and fire departments. Get Solar Labels also offers custom fire department-specific placards that follow the signage requirements of the LA Fire Department and LA Department of Water and Power.

Benefits of PV Labels for First Responders

Clear Communication: PV labels enable first responders to address potential hazards efficiently.

Reduced Electrical Shock Risk: Electrical equipment labeling minimizes the risk of electrical shock.

Enhanced Firefighting Efficiency: Quick access to vital information, such as disconnect switches, helps firefighters at the scene of an emergency and prevent further damage.

Understanding the Different Types of PV Labels

Clearly, PV labels greatly benefit first responders. What labels are necessary? Some of the most common labels for PV systems include the following:

  • DC voltage labels indicate the maximum system voltage levels.
  • AC voltage labels show the operating voltage of solar inverters.
  • Disconnect switch labels identify the location of PV system disconnect switches.
  • Warning labels communicate potential hazards to first responders, such as arc flash risks.

Installing PV Labels in Your Building To Increase Safety

Installing PV labels in your building can increase safety for occupants and emergency personnel. Labels should be visible, adhere to NFPA standards, and represent your solar power system. Consult local authorities or your solar panel installer to ensure the system meets local building codes.

The Importance of Maintaining and Updating Your PV Labels

Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your PV labels by regularly inspecting them. Replace damaged or faded labels, and update them as needed to reflect the current state of your solar-powered system. Periodic maintenance gives emergency personnel access to relevant information regarding your home or building’s energy system.

Find the Labels You Need at Get Solar Labels

PV labels play a vital role in the safety and efficiency of emergency response efforts. By understanding the different types of PV labels, their importance, and how to maintain them, you can protect your property and aid first responders and firefighters. If your system needs new labels, there’s no better place to find high-quality, durable, and affordable solar warning labels than Get Solar Labels! Order yours online, or contact our staff with your questions.