Design Tips for Commercial PV System Installation

Jan 31st 2024

Design Tips for Commercial PV System Installation

Solar panels are popular for businesses looking to generate clean energy and save on energy costs. However, installing a commercial photovoltaic (PV) system is not as simple as putting up a few panels on the roof. We’ll offer some design tips that business owners should keep in mind for a commercial PV system installation.

First, Determine Panel Location & Orientation

The location and orientation of your solar panels are crucial for harnessing the most sunlight. Ideally, your panels should face south for optimal sun exposure for those in the Northern Hemisphere, while the opposite is true for those in the Southern Hemisphere. The panels’ tilt angle is typically equivalent to the location’s latitude. Moreover, the site should be relatively unobstructed by shade from nearby structures or trees, as they could reduce the power output.

Ensure Roof Stability and Structure

Understanding your roof’s structure and its load-bearing capacity is another crucial factor in the design of your commercial PV system. The solar system’s weight should be within the load tolerance of your building’s roof. A thorough structural assessment by a roofing professional can ensure the safety and longevity of the installation. Factor in the panels’ weight, the mounting system, weather conditions, and other loads such as wind or snow.

Listen to the Professionals Regarding Electrical Design

The electrical design of your commercial PV system also demands careful planning. Work with your solar panel installers to determine the appropriate size and arrangement of the PV modules, the correct wiring configuration, the type and number of inverters, and the system’s voltage and current capabilities.

Decisions in these areas influence the system’s performance and safety. Moreover, compliance with local electrical codes and standards is a must to ensure a safe and legal installation. Partner with a qualified electrical engineer to handle this complex task.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance Personnel

Another crucial design tip for commercial PV system installation is not forgetting about the maintenance personnel and emergency first responders. Safety labeling provides crucial information that helps maintenance personnel and installation teams work safely. Clear, durable labels identify components, indicate operational procedures, and warn of potential hazards, preventing mishaps and ensuring the system’s smooth operation.

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