Common Mistakes in Solar Labeling Compliance

Feb 16th 2024

Common Mistakes in Solar Labeling Compliance

Solar power delivers efficient and eco-friendly energy. As more business owners and homeowners switch to solar power systems, they should understand the importance of solar labeling compliance. Labeling mistakes can lead to safety hazards, installation errors, and regulatory compliance issues. We’ll explain the most common mistakes in solar labeling compliance so solar panel owners and installers can avoid them.

Inadequate Label Placement and Visibility

The National Electrical Code (NEC) has strict requirements for solar labeling, and labels must always be visible. They should be on every module, inverter, and junction box. Additionally, identification labels should be durable and resistant to fading, and the information they convey must be legible.

Non-Compliance With Local Codes and Regulations

Failing to comply with local codes and regulations is another common mistake in solar labeling compliance. Although the NEC and the UnderWriter’s Laboratories codes are updated every three years, some states in the US may not adopt them immediately for building codes. Always double-check with the compliance codes of your state and municipality to follow local regulations.

Inaccurate or Incomplete Labeling Information

Solar power systems include various components that require specific labeling information, including solar nameplate rating, module/module type, inverter capacity, and input and output voltages. Keep the installation manual for reference, and double-check the information before application.

Failure To Update Existing Labels

Updating labels on solar power equipment is just as vital as producing new ones. Upgrades to solar energy systems mean updating the labels with information regarding the upgrades. Outdated information could lead to incorrect information, which poses hazards to anyone working on the system.

Lack of Attention to Safety-Related Warning Labels

Another common mistake in solar labeling compliance is inadequate attention to safety-related warning labels. Labels mandated by the NEC provide safety information regarding operating the systems. Inadequate attention to safety-related warning labels may lead to electrical shock, fire hazards, or short circuits.

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