5 Signs Your Solar Panels Need Maintenance

Jun 3rd 2024

5 Signs Your Solar Panels Need Maintenance

Installing a solar panel system is a strategic lifestyle change that enhances sustainable living and energy independence. However, a poorly maintained system will minimize this progress. That’s why it’s best to recognize the signs your solar panels need maintenance to ensure they’re consistently functioning at optimal levels.

Visible Damage

Solar panels can exhibit various visible signs of damage, including water spots, dark patches, cracks, chips, and corrosion. Every potential imperfection will worsen if unaddressed and reduce the efficiency of the entire system.

Consistent maintenance is critical to guarantee your solar panel system’s longevity. While you can perform inspections yourself, professionals have the skills to locate damage, diagnose any issues, and conduct repairs for a functional and safe system.

Accumulated Dirt and Debris

Damage isn’t the only surface sign to look out for. Dirt and debris regularly accumulate, and this inevitable occurrence can significantly impede the panels’ ability to absorb sunlight, reducing overall performance.

Deciding whether to clean the solar panels yourself or hire a professional comes down to safety and expertise. While some homeowners may feel comfortable performing light cleaning with proper equipment, hiring a professional ensures a thorough job without risking damage to the panels or personal injury.

Increased Energy Bills

If everything in the system seems typical, an unexplained surge in your energy costs serves as an indicator of issues. For instance, the solar panels may not generate electricity at their expected capacity. Consequently, this inefficiency will compel you to rely more heavily on the conventional power grid to meet your household’s energy needs, thus raising your energy bills.

A Faulty Inverter

The inverter’s role is to convert the DC power generated by your solar panels into usable AC power. Unusual noises, error messages, or a noticeable decrease in energy conversion efficiency may arise, signifying an issue with the inverter. If this component is not working correctly, take it as a sign that your solar panels need maintenance to restore the system’s efficiency.

Inconsistent Performance

You might encounter instances when some solar panels function more efficiently than others. Traditionally, this is due to obstructions or shade, such as from a growing tree or the construction of a new building that stops direct sunlight from reaching the panels. In many cases, the hindrance is something that you can control. Trimming any overhanging trees or hiring a professional service to adjust the panels’ placement could resolve the issue.

When maintenance needs arise, ensure your solar system labels are properly installed to provide technicians with valuable information about your solar panel system. Get Solar Labels offers high-quality weatherproof placards that can convey the specifications of your solar panel system to any maintenance technician on the job. Select labels that denote warnings, disconnect locations, and various instructions to ensure that every maintenance job is completed safely and thoroughly.